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Island Pets
​​Jackie, Tina, Allison and Kayla

​​First, I would like to start with a sincere thank you all of our clients! We have the best clientele and we are forever grateful to be able to be self employed and spend time with the coolest pets in town!!!

Okay now a little about me… Animals are my passion! I have been fortunate in that I have been able to work with animals my whole life. I have raised, cared for and worked with many species of pets, from cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, pocket pets, birds and fish in my lifetime. I started volunteering at my first veterinary hospital in 1998 and soon became a veterinary assistant. In 2010 I went back to school to finish my degree in veterinary science and got my RVT license in 2013. I have worked in multiple veterinary settings from general practice, surgical specialty and wildlife. I regularly do volunteer work for FAAS as well as my special project helping seniors in assisted living with their pets. What can I say, I love animals, the human-animal bond and educating the public. Along my path of veterinary nursing I also started Island Pets in 2008 to work with animals and their owners to improve their pets' quality of life! Business has been great, in 2009 I was able to bring Tina on-board, Allison in 2014 and Kayla in 2017. They are all amazing Veterinary Technicians and Pet Sitters! Whether you work with myself, Tina, Allison or Kayla, you are going to get nothing but the best in pet sitting!​

Jackie's Companions
         Bonita                      Flash                            CAT                                 Orchid                       Jonathan
Working with my patients and their owners gave me opportunities to care for animals in their own homes, and so began my pet sitting business.  Jackie & I joined forces in 2009, and it was a match made in heaven.  There are several pet sitters in Alameda, but none have the veterinary medical background like we do.  And we are thrilled to bring our experience to you & your pets.Once I changed career tracks & joined the staff of Park Centre Animal Hospital, I felt I was doing something great.  Animals need us, and I am happy to help.  Here I am, 12 years later, now a registered veterinary technician with the state of California and one of the senior surgery technicians of the practice. And lovin' every minute of it!

Tina's Companions

I've always had a passion for animals while growing up. From helping strays find their homes, to helping others catch their pets as they escaped. I knew I'd be content with my life if I continue to have my pets and other peoples pets around me everyday. As a teenager, I started pet sitting for family and that soon grew to sitting for more people. This included dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, guinea pigs and fish. My love for animals led me to pursuing my dream of working with them, so I decided to go to Carrington College to become a Veterinary Technician. While being in school and doing an internship at Park Centre Animal Hospital, I was gratefully hired. When Jackie and Tina asked me to join their crew I knew it would be a great experience! They are amazing people, full of compassion and experience. You won't be disappointed!

Allison's Companions

As the newest member of Island Pets I am looking forward to getting to know our wonderful clientele. Animals have always been my passion. I tailored my education to reflect that passion and got my bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2015. Currently, I am working on getting my RVT license at Foothill College. I will be done with school in June and be able to take the exam by the end of 2017. Growing up I had many birds and one dog. I would like to get a puppy in the near future, so I am keeping my eyes out for the perfect “furbaby!” My interest in animal behavior and rehabilitation motivates me to further my education and earn a veterinary technician specialty in those two areas. As you can tell I would classify myself as a “forever student.” The next exciting chapter in my life is becoming a pet sitter with Jackie, Allison and Tina. Meeting you and your “furbabies” is something I am looking forward to!

Marley and Peanut